Week 2 Review

Week two, and I’ve learned a few things about how to notate my planner to keep from getting confused and leaving the kids asking me endlessly, “What’s next, Mom?” After the fact, my planner pages for that week look like a hot mess! There are scratch-outs, arrows, highlights, scribbling and smileys everywhere. I’m learning!

Starting with God’s Word

The Bible lessons for Preschool and Kindergarten (Pre-K & K from here on out, please) get taught to all three of them. This week they learned about the Trinity and the story of David & Goliath.

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1 (They pretty much have this one down pat, now. I’ll try to take some video soon!)

The relationships theme from both learning about the Godhead 3-n-1 and matching 1-to-1 in math, also lended itself to family relationships. For example, we are the Buck family. Tyler, you are a member of the Buck family, our family. We also completed our “All About Me” posters, which will be an annual thing I think!

Another topic that came from the Trinity discussions was a discussion about poisonous plants. How’s that one work, you ask? lol Well, if you haven’t read it – we had an awesome object lesson, read it! ;o)

Other Subjects Covered… in no particular order

Kinder: Letters B, short A, and C were covered with various activities and worksheets. They worked on their shapes, colors, and their basic math skills – matching 1-to-1 relationships, big vs. little, counting to 5 with tally marks and numerals. (above by Dan, all work outlined in that blue is Dan’s… Tyler is green & Sarah, pink)

Tyler hasn’t been thrilled with reading, but we tried something different starting mid-week. I read the book pointing at each word as I went along, and I paused at each time one of the 3 sight words cropped up. He read those words. After doing this a few times (and with a bit of coaxing), Tyler successfully tried and ready his first Bob book!

Daniel started with Bob #2 and finished the week working through Bob #3. He loves to read, and seems to be very good at it!

The Bob books we are working with now are the Kindergarten Sight Words set. Sarah is working through the Pre-Reading Skills set.

Sarah’s focus was on triangles, the #2 and recognizing her colors. This is all stuff she knows already. So, we are taking the review and have fun with crafts approach! Sarah is getting rather tired of some of the exercises (like cutting out the triangles and tracing), but she is real trooper and does what she is asked.

It can’t go unmentioned that Sarah LOVED the “Hokey Pokey” we played to work on directions (left, right, up, down, in and out). Dan loved that too. Tyler wouldn’t have anything to do with dancing around and singing though. ;))

Dan and Tyler both got upset that the cutting exercises were just for Sarah – So, I started handing them out to the boys too. Why not?! haha… I’ll have to invent, find/print, or buy more soon!

The one I’m using now was purchased as a workbook from Lakeshore Learning. It’s cute.

Tyler was tickled pink to learn how to make a heart by just cutting out half of one!

Last, but not least

First, we’ve read through our library books selections, and I’m keeping track of all that activity in Goodreads.com More information on that to come. We did not visit the library this week, but we did have two gymnastics sessions and one swimming lesson!

Finally, I love Tyler’s creativity! His matching lines don’t just match, they tell a story. He also noticed my “T” and “D” marks in the upper-right-hand corners to keep the worksheets straight. He started writing his name off that  “T” in reverse and backwards. Very clever!

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