Week 1 B

Sarah shows off her triangle

We finished out week 1 curriculum successfully, and had a lot of fun doing it. The best part is trying to make reading fun for Tyler. I’m writing “jokes”on the board using his key words, and would you believe he wants to read!? My kids (all kids?!) love potty humor. So, latest inspired sentence is “Dan ran to Mom and saw Sarah poo on Dad.” With some help from Dan, he read it and we all had a great laugh. The best part of this curriculum departure is discovering where Tyler is actually weak, which is in recognizing lower case letters. We can work on that!

Chillin' in the LibraryWe will also need to continue work on directions, left and right especially. Watching them find their left and right arms, legs, ears, etc. is hysterically inaccurate.

The children also did an amazing job of memorizing their scripture verse – Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” I’m inspired both by their ready ability to memorize, and Beth Moore’s challenge in my recent James study that I can memorize scripture! I’m so thrilled that teaching my children is teaching me.

Over all, it was a great week. I just love the flexibility of homeschooling. When the kids want a break, we can take one. That is proving to help the kids in wanting to learn and participate. This is especially true for Tyler who likes to do things his way or “no way!” They’ve even told me a few times they don’t want a break! I love it. They are great kids, and God is so good.


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