Week 1 A

This week is an odd one. It starts on Thursday, 9/13, and ends on next week on Wednesday, 9/19. The idea to start on a Thursday came from one my KACH peeps as a way to ease into the full schedule. Brilliant.

I learned a lot this week about what I thought I had organized, and how much I have left to get together. I also found out more about how the flow our “classroom” will go, and the flow of my prep versus teaching time.

This children did fantastically for these first two days.


We had a few issues with Tyler finding some activities or topics “too boring.” Thus far, the simple tactic of going on without him worked wonders. He wandered back, and he suddenly want to participate again. The activities he finds boring are either math related or get-up-and-move (games) in nature… very interesting!

Daniel is a joy. He loves to learn, to do and to participate. He’s almost taking Sarah’s Pre-K right along with Sarah in some respects. So cute and fun to watch!

Sarah already knows her ABC song and most of her colors and shapes. Sarah loves cutting and gluing, but it is hard to convince her to cut along the lines. She informed me that she didn’t want to ruin the lines, and I had to tape them back together if she got too close. So, she cut her triangles out with a margin.

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