The Boy vs. The Weather

In the beginning, there was a boy named Jack. He was on ship named First Wing. First Wing crashed on water planet named 4b53b6. Now Jack is on a raft being circled terrifying deadly sharks!! Jack has a hook to get supplies like wood, food, and water to make his raft bigger. Jack said, “Great! Now it’s raining. Oh! I see a island now!” Jack makes a sail to go to the island. Jack is now on the island. Jack sees a tree. Jack sees a weird substance in the distance. Jack sees a hurricane in the distance. He needs to get to shelter fast!

Jack sees a tornado in the distance. Jack is in a cave now. Jack screamed, “Ahhh! Bats!” Then, Jack gets hit by a rock, and then he gets knocked out. Jack said, “Uhh, what happened?” It was like he died, but he didn’t die. The storm died out, and Jack named the storm Harve.

He was hunting for food. Then, he went to get some wood and rocks. Then, he made a campfire. Then, he cooked his food. He said his prayers, and then ate his food. He found someone on the floor. When he woke up, his name was Gabriel. Then, he fixed his ship named First Wing.

The End

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