Sneaky Homeschooling

Tyler’s friend came over with yu-gi-oh cards that he had made himself! This inspired Tyler.

He cut out all the paper for his very own Yu-gi-oh cards. He then started drawing them, and asking me every 2 seconds how to spell everything he wanted to write down. I did a few. I spelled really fast on a few. Then, I told him no. No. No. I referred him to our spelling dictionary. He asked again and again and again… finally, while pushing the spelling dictionary at him, I said *somewhat* firmly:

“I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. MAKE. YOUR. YU-GI-OH. CARDS. If you keep this up, you won’t have them to make because I will burn them in a bonfire in the middle of your bed.”

I got a groan and dimpled smile in response.

Looks like we are doing school after all. LOL

Tyler’s writing, spelling, looking words up in a dictionary, planning, and persisting on a difficult task. That’s pretty awesome!

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