I recently wrote about how we use Explode the Code, but that isn’t the only thing we use. A question posed to our homeschool group had me pondering things a little deeper. We’ve used a lot of methods in our journey to reading fluency, and we are not quite there yet. Here’s a copy of the post I wrote:

We utilize (fun games they kids love to play) – there’s some stuff free, and tons of stuff for a very reasonable annual price.

For curriculum, we use Explode the Code (both online and workbooks – 2 kids like the online more than the workbooks is all) and well as copy work from

I read lots of books out loud to them. It’s been highly recommended to me to use a service like audible as well, but I haven’t made that leap just yet. Hearing books more advanced than their reading level helps improve their reading fluency and vocabulary immensely. We read the first 3 books of Harry Potter, and are on the 3rd book of the Chronicles of Narnia series. Have fun with it.

A resource I’ve found very useful is easy peasy all-in-one homeschool. They have everything, but you can drill down to just run through the word slide shows and readers. It really helped my oldest, anyway. Bonus: It’s free!

We’ve also used Bob books, summer library reading contests, refusing to read Minecraft tip books to them, rewards, flash cards, apps on the phone and I can’t even think of it all. Just keep throwing stuff at them! lol They will get there eventually.

Final thought: If they’re having a really hard time picking up on reading, check their vision at an optometrist (not just a vision screen at the pediatrician). I was recently surprised by that one.

The vision thing is a big one, actually. I read back through my ETC post about how my 6 yo’s progress was much slower. It turns out that one of her eyes is practically out of service due to strabismus. Thank you Lord for helping us catch that early enough to help her out in a big way. She’s going to look adorable in glasses (and possibly an eye patch)! I see some pirate books in our near future.  ;)

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