Project Week Idea

We school year-round with breaks sprinkled throughout. Those breaks are sometimes planned, and sometimes rather spontaneous. I recently read this article from Simply Charlotte Mason about taking a more intentional approach – do 3 weeks of school, 1 of week projects, and repeat. A few excerpts from the article:

We found that project weeks were great for sewing projects that cause much less stress if spread out over several days.

Project weeks gave me the margin to invite the children to help with larger home projects.

As the children got older, we learned that project weeks were also a great time to do more intensive science experiments that require a lot of preparation and attention.

You might plan two or three day-trips to take during that week, going to interesting places near your house.

You could take a week to plant your garden in the spring, or clean out the garage and hold a yard sale in the fall.

You could take a week in the middle of the year to regroup and revise your school plans if you need to.

Even if you don’t school year round, you may want to schedule a few project weeks during the year. With scheduled project weeks, you know when you will “get around to” doing that big experiment or larger project. Give it a try!

The idea definitely has merit, but I’m not sure I’m ready to make this change just yet. I’m still trying to sort out this bullet journaling idea!

You can read the full article your self at A Project Week Idea by Sonya Shafer

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