Pinterest Santa Letters

The kids throughout the year have exclaimed many times over the many things we see in the stores or online over Mommy’s shoulder. To avoid the meltdowns because I won’t buy the entire toy aisle, I simply add the item to the kids’ wish list. I keep the bulk of this wish list on Pinterest.

This idea works marvelously!¬†Any time my kiddos mention it, I can easily show it to them. “See Mommy really did add it to the list.” Validation is a good thing.

Today, we found another fabulous use for this list. The kids expressed interest in writing a letter to Santa. I handed out some primary writing paper, and wrote a simple “this is my wish list” letter on the board to help them write their letters. Then, I did a series of screen captures of that Pinterest page into a temporary Word document. I printed the “list” out for them to cut and paste the pictures of what they’d like – sorting out their favorites for the front and everything else to the back of the page.

They are having so much fun practicing fine motor skills, sorting/prioritizing, writing/reading skills, and even learning about how we don’t always get what we wish for. Fun stuff!

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