New House Motto

I will have a good attitude – honest, respectful, and obedient.

This “motto” covers all 3 of our house rules: (1) Listen & Obey (2) Respect Mom & Dad (3) No lying.

This phrase also emphasizes what these rules look like in our behavior, how we choose to act, our attitude. You attitude is not based on your mood! Sometimes a good attitude is work. It is a choice that must be made again and again.

We will be covering exactly what each aspect of this good attitude are – definitions, examples, role-playing. The children especially loved role-playing obedience today. It was fun, and I hope they learned!

Mom: “Please come here.”
Kid: “But I …”
Mom: “You are not being obedient.”

I taught them that they can present their “but I” AFTER they obeyed, and then we practiced it the correct way. We obey right way, all the way, and with a happy heart. Trying to get them to practice the incorrect way was rather amusing. They KNOW this obedience principle already, but they choose not to obey when the “I want” or “But I” overrides their good sense and undermines their choice to obey.

We’ll be practicing this again soon and repeatedly, I’m sure.

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