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We don’t just play Minecraft around here. Another favorite game is Nemo’s Reef. We’ve played this game for over a year (off and on), and I’ve kept most this info rather haphazardly in Evernote. The kids play too, of course, and they keep asking me for the skinny. So, I decided to put it on our site so they can reference the information themselves. Now I can say, “go look it up!”

Nemo's Reef on Google Play

Note: If there’s a number in parenthesis, that’s the level that item becomes available.

Guest Fish

For each guest fish listed, place the items to make that guest fish a permanent resident.

Finding Nemo Brown Sea Dragon Guest Fish
Brown Sea Dragon
Green Straight Seaweed + Orange Straight Seaweed
Nemo's Reef Guest Yellow Jellyfish
Yellow Jellyfish (9)
Yellow Pillow (9)
Nemo's Reef Guest Red Octopus
Red Octopus (11) 
Red Cirripathes + Lilac Cirripathes

Green Seahorse = Green Seaweed Cluster (9)

Red Seahorse = Bright Green Bonsai + Green Marine Bonsai

White Seahorse = Rock + Silver Bubble Coral

White Sea Dragon = White Sea Flower

Yellow Sea Dragon = Ruby Sea Flower

Light Blue Jellyfish* = Rose Seabed + Boulder (11)

Pink Jellyfish = Pink Marine Shrub + Pink Sea Blossom

Yellow Octopus = Shell + Rock + Light Green Marine Shrub + Flat Rock

Green Octopus = Green Sea Flower

Orange Octopus = Big Yellow-Green Seaweed + Heap of Stones

Bright Orange Jelly Fish =  Saffron Java Moss + Silver Branches

Pink Sea Dragon = Blue-Shaded Moss (12) + Brown Seaweed Cluster

*I have another note regarding the light blue jellyfish requiring the purple marine shrub and flat rock. I’m not sure why there’s a second one.

Combination Fish

Put these items next to each other to have a special combination fish live in your reef.

  1. Finding Nemo Combination Fish #1 = Yellow Table Plant + Red Branch
  2. Finding Nemo Combination Fish #2 = Giant Green Sea Bush + Green Strait Seaweed
  3. Finding Nemo Combination Fish #3 = Yellow Table Plant + Rock
  4. Nemo's Reef Combo Fish #4 = Yellow Plateau Plant + Heap of Stones
  5. Orange Tube Sponge + Orange Bell Sea Pen (11) | Requires 15 Pearls
  6. Giant Brown Grass + Purple Marine Shrub
  7. Giant Brown Grass +Brown Seaweed Cluster (12) + Flat Rock
  8. Maroon Pipe Sponge (9) + Lilac Cirripathes + Violet Sea Blossom
  9. Yellow Small Grass (11) + Small Shell + Yellow Bell Sea Pen (11)
  10. Giant Green Grass +Light Green Marine Shrub + Green Cactus
  11. Orange Plateau Plant + Orange Heap Of Seamoth + Orange Peel Seaweed Cluster (10)
  12. Barrel Sponges + White Sea Flower + Mineral Hedge
  13. Yellow Table Plant + Purple Bonsai Acropora Coral + Purple Bangia on Rocky Ground (ornamental)
  14. Rose Barrel Sponge + Mauve Bell Sea Pen
  15. Barrel Sponge + Boulder + Silver Branches
  16. Giant Green Grass + Green Marine Bonsai + Green Sea Flower
  17. Giant Brown Grass + Brown Cactus + Brown Mangrove Propagule
  18. Blue Tube Sponge + Sea Palm + Saffron Java Moss
  19. Giant Golden Sea Brush + Silver Branches + Blue Sea Flower
  20. Yellow Sponge Bed + Yellow Mangrove Propagule + Green Seaweed Cluster
  21. Blue Tube Sponge + Green Mangrove Propagule + Purple Marine Shrub
  22. Giant Red Grass + Red Seaweed + Red Eucheuma Denticulatum
  23. Giant Red Grass + Turquoise Stems + Blue Sea Flower
  24. Maroon Pipe Sponge + Blue Eucheuma Denticulatum + Blue-Shaded Moss (12)

final note: The images on this page are screen captures I’ve made from playing the game. I have the game loaded on my computer, my Kindle, and my phone. My phone is is “real” game where I’m currently at level 47. The kids keep asking me that too. So, I thought I’d throw that in there. :)

4 Replies to “Nemo’s Reef Helps

  1. Are there any up to date combinations? I can’t even see the ability to get some of the plants listed. And some of the combos listed here aren’t working, regardless of how many arrangements I try.

    1. I haven’t seen any updates for these combos, but I know they did work at one time because I did them myself. Make sure that the plants/decorations are touching each other. Other than, I’m not sure what to tell you. Good luck and enjoy the game. :)

    1. There are levels you have to reach in the game to unlock the plants/items to create the combinations. Nemo won’t tell you about them. The guest fish are different. You have to wait for them to visit, which happens at certain levels. Then, there are hints you can purchase with pearls for the guest fish.

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