Must Be Equal

I love the way my boy’s mind works.

We had an activity last week to pull counting gems out of a bag, count them, write the number down, and mark it as bigger, smaller, or equal to the number printed on the worksheet. Simple, right?

I was on the brink of a giant battle, when I realized that this type of activity just won’t work for my son.

The first number is 7. He closed his eyes, put his hand in the bag, and carefully counted out 7 gems for the first line (equals).
The next number was 14. He requested to use two hands – so cute! I said sure, and he took several minutes to carefully count out 14 gems. I patiently-ish explained the premise again, and he insisted the gems he pulled had to equal the number printed.

I offered to pull the gems for him. The next number was 10. I pulled out a small handful (8), and in 1 second flat said, “Mom, that’s 8. I need 2 more.”

I had to laugh. He didn’t even count them to know there was 8! Plus, he immediately knew he needed two more to get to 10.

We’re done. lol

I did find this lovely site with >, <, and = worksheets for Kindergarten. The completionist in me wants to see the particular lesson concept touched on.

We all are who we are, aren’t we?

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