Homeschool Buyer Co-Op

I initially joined the Homeschool Buyer Co-op because I wanted to get the free Teacher ID card. There are so many places around town (like Michael’s) that accept homeschool ID cards for teacher discounts. Free membership, free ID card, and save money around town! Then, I found they have a database of local places to get discounts. Seriously, I’m one happy homeschooling mama, already!

Then, I discovered more…

  • GroupBuys for deep discounts on educational curriculum
    I’ve gotten a bunch of Mathmania Highlights Magazines, the Dave Ramsey Jr. Kit, and Online Explode the Code at 40-60% off the going rate elsewhere!
  • Exclusive member discounts from over 100 educational suppliers
    BrainPop keeps cropping up and I keep eyeing it!
  • There’s a free curriculum database
  • Free educational contests & scholarships database *haven’t used
  • Free educational field trips database *haven’t used
  • They have a Dell discount program *haven’t used (I’m an HP fan.)
  • I also learned that membership qualifies you for discounts at Academic Superstore
  • Some purchases and activities give you SmartPoints, which you can eventually spend as money.
    How cool is that? Earning points is a lot like earning stickers. I don’t care how old you are, stickers and points are fun.

That’s a load of benefits for FREE!

The only time I’ve spent money through the site is buying stuff I was interested in buying anyway, but for way less money. There’s no pressure to buy stuff, just offerings. Their customer support, which I’ve contacted a few times with questions, is top notch. They responded quickly, respectfully, and knowledgeably. Who could ask for anything more? It’s a great resource that I highly recommend you at least check out.

Full disclosure: If you use my links here to join, I get 100 points. Thanks!

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