From the Earth to the Moon, Part 1

We are veering from our planned history curriculum into one of my favorite subjects. It’s time we do something fun! The history of space travel. The kick things off, I thought we’d start with the most excellent HBO mini-series, From the Earth to the Moon.

I am going to LOVE this site —

This timeline is pretty awesome too —

Episode 1: “Can We Do This?”

Covers the early years of the United States’ “Space Race” with the Soviet Union, including the creation of NASA and the decision to send men to the Moon.

Provides an overview of the Mercury and Gemini programs, concentrating on reconstructions of

  • Alan Shepard’s pioneering Freedom 7 Mercury flight;
  • Edward H. White’s first US spacewalk on Gemini 4,
  • the near-disastrous in-flight failure during Neil Armstrong’s and David Scott’s Gemini 8 mission; and
  • the successful completion of Gemini with Buzz Aldrin’s perfection of extravehicular activity on Gemini 12.

Wikipedia, with additional links to Nasa’s History

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