Free and Cheap Kindle Books

I follow this blog for many reasons, but my favorite posts are the ones where they’ve found a bunch of free and cheap Kindle books.

To find the “hidden treasure trove” :

  1. Go to the link below daily, or subscribe to the blog.
  2. Click on the most recent days’ listing. The Amazon prices change fast!
  3. Check out the offerings clicking on the books’ linked titles.
    *To help me keep my place on the list, I open each link into a new tab.
  4. When Amazon opens up, look at the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section. Sometimes, there are similar offers.
  5. Confirm the price is $0 or on sale, and click on the Amazon purchase button. (Mine says “Buy now with one click.”)

I have two Kindle Fires (1st gen). One is mine, and one is for the kids to share.

Warning: Parental lock on the Kindle Fire does not prevent your child from worming his way through the menu and performing a factory reset! This seems to be a major parental control security flaw. Thankfully, the books are all stored in the cloud. All it cost me was the time to set everything up again, and the time to lecture my child on NOT resetting the device! lol

post updated: 4/3/15

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  1. I somehow got unsubscribed from this mailing, and found it again via my own blog! :) I resubscribed today. The kids each have their own tablets now. They’re great devices.

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