Fill or Bust

We love playing Fill or Bust, and we often keep score on whatever scratch bit of paper is handy. Sometimes, we have a game of epic proportions and we want to save the score sheet to help us keep track of these games – it’s silly, but it’s fun!

“I can’t believe you Venganced me THREE times!”

“You’ve now filled 5 times on this must bust alone!”


I decided to make my own score card. Over the years we started tracking a few game stats: how many busts, fills, must busts, and no dice. So, there are spots to keep tally of these events. I made it for 8 players since there are 8 of us playing when we all get together. It is simple, and if you print it front & back, each score sheet is only 1 page with plenty of room to write your scores.


Fill or Bust Score Card (pdf)

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